Anti-corrosion treatment and painting

Paint is a coating applied, in one or more layers (thin layers of a few tens of micrometers thick; µm), on different materials called “substrates”. The result is only obtained after application and drying. When drying, or industrially prefabricated, the paint forms a solid, adherent and durable film. The paint “film” is also called “foil”. If the film is transparent or translucent, it is a varnish; if it is opaque, it is a paint according to safety rules and production requirements (deadlines, quality, etc.).

The paint is a mixture of heterogeneous materials whose two main functions are to protect the supports (wood, plastics, metals, masonry …) and to decorate them (colour, gloss, structure …). According to the needs, so-called “intelligent” paints can be developed today. Some may have self-cleaning, phytochrome, hydrophobic, depolluting, anti-corrosive, anti-cracking, anti-mould, antibacterial properties or even properties to improve thermal or electromagnetic insulation.

Anti-corrosion paint protects the works while enhancing them with colour. It is often associated with so-called “marine” paint because its primary function is to protect structures against the assaults of time, water, frost and wind. These paint systems are essential for the protection of structures and are an integral part of the construction from the design stage.

Most exterior metal structures are subject to the vagaries of the weather. These strategic and capital installations in today’s economic world require constant and, as far as possible, permanent maintenance. The main cause being steel corrosion, many structures at the end of their life are partially or totally replaced. The cost of replacing structural elements is 4 to 5 times higher than the periodic maintenance of an anti-corrosion treatment by applying a suitable paint coating.
The aim of this painting process is to ensure the durability of the structure.

When building structures intended for a very long period, it is, on the one hand, much more economical in the long term to plan for quality from the outset and, on the other hand, it is necessary to consider from the design stage what the maintenance of their protection will be so that it is appropriate and competitive. This is the whole point of protection by liquid paint systems and it is this framework which is now being very fully developed in many specifications.

Thanks to this approach, which meets the notion of “sustainable development”, metal construction is a winner with the additional advantage of controlling maintenance and its very competitive cost over the long term.

The “steel + paint” solution has many advantages:

In addition to these services, we also ensure the assembly of daily intervention follow-up sheets, as well as final reports with photographic, video and product control.

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