Concrete Recovery

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The degradation of reinforced concrete structures is generally caused by corrosion of the reinforcements (iron or steel) which are subject to humidity or other agents such as chlorides.

Concrete shattered due to the carbonation phenomenon. This is a slow and non-linear phenomenon over time. For a properly dosed concrete (350 kg/m3), the depth of carbonation is of the order of 4 mm after 2 years, 10 mm after 8 years, 20 mm after 25 years. These shoulders, structural damage and splintering on third parties are restored, after drilling and stripping, by adding a resin concrete.

Corroded exposed steels will be passivated by the application of a 3-component epoxy coating.

La réparation doit rétablir un milieu protecteur pour les armatures :

  • alkalin pH ;
  • protection against water penetration ;
  • covering thickness: 1 cm of repair mortar provides protection equivalent to 3 cm of ordinary concrete.

Monitoring the condition of your concrete structures is therefore essential: damage is not very visible on the surface. However, you must be able to be assured of the reliability of your installations and set up periodic maintenance to keep them up to standard for as long as possible. The risks for third parties are also important. We offer you numerous solutions to achieve this dual objective of longevity and safety.

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