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A look back at CIGRE 2022

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A look back at CIGRE 2022

A look back at CIGRE 2022: BVS Anticoral at the heart of innovation and anticorrosion protection for metal structures. The electrical industry’s long-awaited event brought together key players in the sector from around the world, offering an exceptional opportunity to share the latest technological advances and best practices.

BVS Anticoral, a recognized leader in anticorrosion treatment, made its presence felt with a captivating presentation of its activities. From radio towers and wind turbines to electricity pylons, BVS Anticoral showcased its unrivalled expertise in the protection of metal structures. Attendees were able to discover in detail the innovative solutions developed by the company to preserve the durability and reliability of these vital infrastructures.

But that’s not all. BVS Anticoral also revealed its current projects in fast-growing fields. From anti-corrosion treatment of concrete towers to penstocks and fire protection, the company has positioned itself as a pioneer in the diversification of its activities, always focused on excellence and customer satisfaction.

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